One Piece 986 Raw, One Piece chapter 986 Spoilers and Release date

One Piece 985 Recap:

We start out the chapter with an unexpected encounter with Kanjuro with beast pirates and a bunch of headless samurai warriors which he painted awaiting the infiltration party despite there being no warning of their infiltration. He does a classic villain monologue with gloating, taunting and sharing information as classical villains would. Very fitting considering his kabuki theme.

During this we get a small side conversation between Nekomamushi and Inuarashi about how they replaced their missing limbs with weapons. Also we learn a bit more of Momonosuke’s failed attempt at escaping and how he was beaten till unconscious after only managing to cut Kanjuro’s palm. Both parties clash shortly after with Kukunojo leading the fight against Kanjuro.

Next we switch to the scene between Yamato and Luffy where Yamato admits that Luffy bears more resemblance to Oden than she does stating “how can he be Oden and not be free?” referencing the prison shackles on her hand binding her that might explode should she leave the island. Luffy then offers to help release her shackles like he helped Hyogoro back in chapter 946.

It also appears that Nami’s group have been captured by Big Mom and she has successfully reacquired Zeus.

One Piece 986 Spoilers:

First of all a brief point but I would not be surprised if the minor cut on Kanjuro’s palm will play a relevant role in the upcoming fight, a plausible way for it to play out would be that the cut affects his drawing capacity causing his paintings to be less accurate and as we know, the worse the painting the worse it’s capacity would be.

With the ultimatum given to Orochi’s followers, should the infiltrated samurai choose to reveal their coup now, there’s a good chance a bunch of them will be swayed and join the rebels in the fight vs the newly formed Yonko alliance.

Next regarding Orochi’s death, it’s very doubtful he is actually dead given One Piece’s history on killing characters. Furthermore considering the nature of his devil fruit ” Hebi Hebi no Mi, Model: Yamata no Orochi ” a mythical class zoan fruit, it’s likely to have some power to it that isn’t apparent as we’ve seen from other mythical zoan class fruits grant powers beyond mere shape shifting and physical prowess. A likely possibility is that like the 8 headed snake he transforms into, he could have “8 lives” alternatively it could be like the hydra from mythology where by cutting one head, 2 shall take it’s place. The fact Kaidou beheads Orochi as the method of murder seems to lean into this even more.

Now for the main discussion, Kaidou has shown his intelligence and strategic depth as a captain when he’s not drunk and recognizes the threat the world government presents and what it means to disband the Shichibukai. With the direction things are headed it is possible that Luffy and crew might fail to defeat both Kaidou and Big Mom completely and as a result they will wage war on the world government and the world.

This would also allow a nice lead in on the ancient weapons, Pluton whose location is detailed in Alabasta, Poseidon whom we know to be Shirahoshi, both nations “allies” of the Straw Hats hence arguably both in possession of the Straw Hats, additionally the location of the last 2 Road Poneglyphs are at Zou and Fishman Island, arguably both also the territory of the Straw Hats. The primary concern is that given the fact we recognize Kaidou’s intellect, the fact he’s declaring his intent to claim the Ancient Weapons implies they already know the location of at least one of them, likely Uranus given that it’s the last weapon we’re missing.

We know that the Yonkos also have in their possession multiple poneglyphs as well and considering that they’re on Wano likely deciphered them already. With this in mind it’s very possible they’ve already acquired half if not more of the necessary information to find the location of One Piece and the Ancient Weapons themselves. This events will help shape the major powers in the war to come with potentially the World government and the Navy vs the Yonko alliance vs Luffy’s alliance.

Right now, One Piece Chapter 986 spoilers are completely out of bounds. However, we assure you that we will upload them or maybe write an article about them soon. So keep checking our website. However, we can give you an approximation. The spoilers might come out next week, but its sort of unlikely.

You can expect some sneak peeks into the chapter before 27th July, 2020. That is what seems most likely. We will have a lot of interesting revelations in it. Maybe we’ll see if Orochi is still alive. Or maybe we’ll see that Oda has broken his own formula and did something out of the box. And what is the meaning of Kikunojo’s tears?

Excuse the paint drawing but it’ll be useful to illustrate my point. A concept to consider regarding the Road Poneglyphs is that not all 4 are necessary and should you be able to acquire 3 out of 4 of them, it is already possible to theoretically figure out where Raftel is by brute forcing along the entire axis, resources on the scale of which 2 Yonkos might be capable of mustering. For example using Figure 1 as a reference, say we’re missing the blue poneglyph, but own all 3 red poneglyphs. Using them as a reference we can infer for a fact that Raftel must be located somewhere along the black line drawn.

The Road Poneglyph at Zou and on the Fishman Island to our knowledge is currently is not in their possession, however the one from Totto Land is currently in Big Mom’s possession while another is in Kaidou’s possession on Onigahsima.

One Piece Chapter 986 Release date and where to read:

One Piece Chapter 986 will be released on August 2nd, you can read the chapter at Mangaplus. However, the raw scans for the manga will be leaked online 2-3 days prior to the internet around July 15th and fans will start discussing the spoilers of One Piece 986 over on Reddit and other social media platforms.


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